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Are you ready to upgrade your boat or pontoon?  Tom Fitzpatrick has been helping people get the best value for their trad-ins for over 45 years, and now he’s bringing his experience to help you buy your next boat or pontoon.  Tom founded his business on two key ideas: getting people what they need and building good relationships with everyone he meets.  Tom knows what it means to be able to get a great boat or pontoon at a great price, and he’s here to help you get a high quality new or fully inspected pre-owned boat or pontoon today.

Tom is now here to help you purchase your next boat or pontoon.

Contact Tom today to schedule your house call or dock call.

Tom will make sure you get the most out of your old boat or pontoon.

What can you expect from Storm Lake Marina?

  • An extensive inventory of 300 new and used boats and pontoons.
  • Special ordering and custom features available on new boat purchases.
  • Optional manufacturer and extended warranties on new boat purchases.
  • Fully inspected pre-owned boats and pontoons conducted by certified technicians.
  • Test drive your next boat or pontoon before you purchase it.
  • Trade-ins with house calls and dock calls available upon request.
  • Financing available at the time of purchase on all sales.
  • Trailers, safety equipment, and accessories available.
  • Free assistance with operating a boat and trailer after your purchase.
  • Most importantly, Tom is here to help you have fun!

Get started today, and experience Storm Lake Marina.

Check out our new boat and pontoon inventory.

Storm Lake Marina sells new boats from the following brands: Cobalt, Crownline, Chaparral, Formula, Natique, Supra, Moomba, Grady White, and Robalo.

Storm Lake Marina sells new pontoons and tri-toons from the following brands: Harris, JC, Barletta, Berkshire, Coach, Crest, Southbay.

Storm Lake Marina sells new personal watercraft from Yamaha Wave Runner.

Storm Lake Marina sells and purchases most brands of used boats, pontoons, tri-toons, and personal watercraft.*

*All purchases and trade-ins subject to complete inspection with value determined at the time of sale or trade-in.

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